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Why carry bad credit into your future? Let us help you leave all of that negativity in the past!

2015 here I come!



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1 in 3 Americans have an account in collections. 70% of low credit scores are due to late payments. @bettercreditboutique we help people all over the US improve their credit. We even help active duty military abroad in Dubai and Kuwait.

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Don’t Be Late, Automate!

Your creditworthiness is determined by numerous factors. These factors account for a certain percentage of your credit score. PAYING YOUR BILLS ON TIME HOLD THE MOST WEIGHT! Let me explain:

  • Payment History 35%
  • Amount Owed 30%
  • Length Of Credit History 15%
  • Types Of Credit 10%
  • Inquiries (New Credit) 10%

TOTAL 100%



            This is 35% of your credit score. Simply put: Do you pay your bills on time?

Credit reporting Agencies, CRAs, determine the percentage of time you pay your bills ON TIME. That is why late payments are so damaging to credit scores. In fact, late payments, not collections, are the number one reason for low credit scores.


If a bill is due on the fifth of the month, try to pay it by the first so that you will not forget. A better way to go is to AUTOMATE your payments. Set up automatic payments for all of your credit cards on one SPECIFIC day, if possible. Call each credit card (bank, credit union, etc. Look on the back of the card for the number) and Say, “I want to set up automatic payments on the 1st, 15th, 30th (choose a date you are comfortable with). Also can I change my payment due date to this date so that my payments will always be on time?” Before that CREDIT CARD PAY DAY approaches make sure you have enough money in the account to pay at least the minimum due on the card. Pay the minimum due on the card each month ON TIME every month.


ALWAYS, ALWAYS PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME! Payment History holds the most weight when it comes to calculating your credit score.


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Turn Up at the Bank


Turn your bank accounts all the way up!


There are five steps to building WEALTH:

1- Increase Your Income

2- Decrease Your Taxes

3- Minimize Your Expenses

4- Improve Your Credit



Get more info on how to build wealth WITHOUT working more hours! @bettercreditboutique and @agoodchoicerealestate we suggest you invest in real estate but it’s your money invest it however you like!!



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Fix your credit for what?



We all know how to get excited and celebrate, essentially “Turn up.” I am suggesting we turn down and build up a positive credit history with the money we save on overpriced drinks. As of January 2014, current data asserts that Americans are $856.9 billion in debt via credit cards alone. This translates to some pretty low credit scores and credit reports with a lot of negative information. Many federal regulations exist to protect the American public from errors on their credit report. However, most Americans are unaware of the laws thereby allowing the credit reporting agencies (CRAs) to have control over their credit history and their financial future. We encourage everyone to take control of their finances by using the law and being proactive.

What can Americans do to improve their financial standing? Who has the time?  At the Better Credit Boutique, we put in the time and help our clients improve their credit. Using Federal laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), Consumer Credit Protection Act, Credit Card Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) as well as our tried and proven effective methods we can improve the credit scores of our clients.

Does this cost a lot of money? Our services are currently value priced from $299-$2499. We differ from our competitors in that instead of charging a few thousand upfront as well as a percentage price and/or a monthly rate we have a FLAT FEE for service. Our pricing model is geared toward people with marginal incomes. Our ultimate goal is to help repair credit for those looking to become first time home buyers, real estate investors and entrepreneurs.


Turn Down and Get Your Credit Right!




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Better Credit is in Your Reach.

Go From Bad Credit to Good Credit

Do you have bad credit? Have you been paying your bills late or not at all? Are you behind on your car payments, student loans or mortgage? How good is your credit right now?


In order to find out, you have to get your credit report from a credible source (we recommend You have to see which accounts are reporting negatively about you before you can fix your credit.


Your next move is to dispute the negative accounts. @bettercreditboutique we used tried and true methods learned by Certified FICO Pro and Educator @ms750fico to remove bad credit.


MOST IMPORTANTLY start paying all of your good credit accounts on time.


FINALLY open new lines of credit. Having a good mix of different types of credit improves your credit scores. Start by opening a secured loan at your local bank.


Want your credit score to go from a 450 to a 700? It is possible! For more information on turning bad credit into good credit contact @ms750fico via text 646-894-7796 or email her at or visit or call 866-241-3049



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Why is Good Credit so Important?

@Ms750FICO, Certified FICO Pro

Do you want to be a homeowner? How about a business owner? Looking to finance a car? Good credit is key! If you want to be do GREAT things  you have to have good credit. Why? Because you get to spend other peoples’ money. You down with OPM? In America Credit Rules Everything Around Us. That’s just the way it is. We could have a macroeconomics discussion about it but thats unnecessary. Just know, your credit score needs to be above 700, with a utilization rate below 30% (pay down those credit cards) and have no negative accounts if you intend to be GREAT in America. Just be smart with your use of credit.


Not the biggest reality TV fan but Yandy Smith made a good point when she said:


“Regardless of what road you take to becoming successful, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder or entrepreneurship, credit will be a deciding factor in how fast you get there. So be smart, resist those urges to overspend, live within your means … Request all three ofyour credit reports from TransUnionExperian, and Equifax, review them often, work on fixing negative information, pay bills on time and treat your credit like your prize possession. If you invest in building a strong foundation you will be able to reap the benefits for years to come. Being fly is nice, but if you want to be a true hustlepreneur, make sure you get your credit right too!”

At the Better credit Boutique whatever your American Dream is, we make it affordable. @ms750Fico analyzes your credit files personally. Using federal laws and proven effective methods we get negative, inaccurate and unverifiable information removed from credit reports. text us with your credit questions 6468947796, and visit the website




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