Quick Credit Rant!


Don’t let another credit repair company tell you it will take a year or so to see an increase in your credit score. It’s just a trap to drag out the process and keep you paying them longer.


The Better Credit Boutique Process:

When attempting to fix your bad credit, it is important to contact all three credit reporting agencies (CRAs) and creditors in writing AT THE SAME TIME.


Their Process:

A lot of credit repair companies work with one-two creditors and one credit reporting agency at a time. That way their customers continue to pay a monthly subscription/ membership fee for a longer period of time. The average client continues to pay monthly fees to other credit repair agencies for 6-30 months before getting the negative information off their credit report!


Here at the Better Credit Boutique, we contact ALL of your creditors and ALL 3 credit reporting agencies from the start of the process. Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and every collections agencies, charge off, judgement, tax lien, late payment etc will get a dispute letter from the very beginning of the process. We get GREAT results for our clients in 90 days or less. Let us get you THE BEST RESULTS FAST!


Our strategy WORKS quickly because we value our clients time. We help you get the inaccurate, unverifiable, erroneous, outdated and expired negative accounts off your credit report while giving you ways to put positive information on your credit report.







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Budding entrepreneurs find themselves in a corner when they learn that their bad credit is keeping them from achieving their goals. Business loans and lines of credit are essential for businesses to thrive. Here are some steps entrepreneurs can easily take to access business funding:

  1. Negotiate lower interest rates on your current credit cards. This will help to reduce the balances you owe.
  2. Get a FREE copy of your credit report from
  3. CALL 866-241-3049 for a FREE CREDIT ANALYSIS


At the Better Credit Boutique, LLC. we offer Credit Education, Real Estate Investing Opportunities, First Time Home Buyer Seminars and Business Coaching. CALL US TODAY!





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Quick Credit Rant!


When attempting to resolve credit problems, it is important to contact your alleged creditors and the credit reporting agencies (CRAs) in writing.


A lot of people try to fix their credit over the phone. THIS ALMOST NEVER HELPS AND SOMETIMES IT MAKES MATTERS WORSE! When writing to credit reporting agencies like Experian, Equifax and TransUnion you will get best results by using handwriting letters. Never use internet templates, where you have to fill in the blanks to resolve your credit issues. This is another strategy THAT ALMOST NEVER WORKS. NEVER use Experian, Equifax or TransUnion websites to initiate a dispute. By doing so you may be forfeiting certain rights for re-investigation of alleged verified debts.








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I have a copy of my credit report, now what?

Did you know that you are entitled to one free credit report each year from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion?


Yes you can get your free credit report online at!

Many people receive copies of their credit report and have no idea of what to do next. I suggest you start by identifying the negative accounts on your credit report. Any account that is reported as a negative/ derogatory/ adverse account should be removed from your credit report. Negative account statuses are:

  1. 30 days past due
  2. 60 days past due
  3. 90 days past due
  4. 120 days past due
  5. 150 days past due
  6. 180 days past due
  7. Not more than two payments past due
  8. Not more than three payments past due
  9. Not more than four payments past due
  10. More than 120 days past due
  11. Collections
  12. Foreclosure
  13. Repossession
  14. Legal Repossession
  15. Voluntary Repossession
  16. Repossession; Redeemed
  17. Voluntary Surrender
  18. Derogatory
  19. Adverse
  20. Bad Debt, placed for collection
  21. Charge Off
  24. Bankruptcy
  25. Judgment
  26. Lien

If any of these words appear on your credit report, text me at 646-894-7796 or call me at 866-241-3049 or use the contact form below.


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Why is Good Credit so Important?

@Ms750FICO, Certified FICO Pro

Do you want to be a homeowner? How about a business owner? Looking to finance a car? Good credit is key! If you want to be do GREAT things  you have to have good credit. Why? Because you get to spend other peoples’ money. You down with OPM? In America Credit Rules Everything Around Us. That’s just the way it is. We could have a macroeconomics discussion about it but thats unnecessary. Just know, your credit score needs to be above 700, with a utilization rate below 30% (pay down those credit cards) and have no negative accounts if you intend to be GREAT in America. Just be smart with your use of credit.


Not the biggest reality TV fan but Yandy Smith made a good point when she said:


“Regardless of what road you take to becoming successful, whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder or entrepreneurship, credit will be a deciding factor in how fast you get there. So be smart, resist those urges to overspend, live within your means … Request all three ofyour credit reports from TransUnionExperian, and Equifax, review them often, work on fixing negative information, pay bills on time and treat your credit like your prize possession. If you invest in building a strong foundation you will be able to reap the benefits for years to come. Being fly is nice, but if you want to be a true hustlepreneur, make sure you get your credit right too!”

At the Better credit Boutique whatever your American Dream is, we make it affordable. @ms750Fico analyzes your credit files personally. Using federal laws and proven effective methods we get negative, inaccurate and unverifiable information removed from credit reports. text us with your credit questions 6468947796, and visit the website




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How can I get “Good Credit”?



Credit is your ability to make payments over time. Banks want to see how you have dealt with borrowed money and payments in the past. Instead of taking your word, they pull your credit report. Your credit report should show your borrowing history completely and accurately. Lenders get your credit report from one or all three of the Big 3 credit reporting agencies (CRAs for short). Equifax, TransUnion and Experian are the Big 3 CRAs.


Having no credit is just as bad (and sometimes worst) than having bad credit (or a s lenders call it, a poor credit history). No credit or a thin credit file shows the lender that you have little or no experience with repaying debts. You may have been paying rent for years, light bill, gas bill and cellphone too. However, these accounts do not appear on your credit report UNLESS you fall behind (become delinquent) and the account goes to collections (gets sold or transferred as a bad/outstanding debt). You can request that the CRAs report the payment history of these accounts. The accounts that appear on your credit report are car loans, mortgages, accounts in collections, judgments, liens, credit cards (secured and unsecured) and loans (secured and unsecured), .


Secured credit cards and loans are a great way to build your credit history. If you have no credit, limited credit history or want to raise your credit score try this..

Go to any bank or credit union with a few hundred dollars in cash. Tell the banker you want to open a secured loan or credit card and you have $500 or $1000 (you can open these accounts with as little as $100 at some banks). The banks will take your cash money and put it in an interest bearing CD (certificate of deposit). Then they will give you a credit card (or check in the case of a secured loan) with a limit of the exact amount you gave them.


Secured credit cards and loans are reported to the Big 3 CRAs. Do not take that secured credit card and max it out. If the limit is $300 then divide by 3 and stay below that $100 amount. That $100 is your new limit. And make your payments on time! Now for secured loans, once the bank gives you that check, deposit it into your account and pay off half of the secured loan. Then make your monthly payments on time.


Using secured credit cards and secured loans are a great way to build up your credit history. At, the Better Credit Boutique, we help you get approved for houses, cars, jewelry whatever your American Dream is, we make it affordable. @ms750Fico analyzes your credit files personally. Using federal laws and proven effective methods we get negative, inaccurate and unverifiable information removed from credit reports. Contact @ms750fico via text with your credit questions 6468947796. Or or use the Contact Us form on the website


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