Quick Credit Rant!


Don’t let another credit repair company tell you it will take a year or so to see an increase in your credit score. It’s just a trap to drag out the process and keep you paying them longer.


The Better Credit Boutique Process:

When attempting to fix your bad credit, it is important to contact all three credit reporting agencies (CRAs) and creditors in writing AT THE SAME TIME.


Their Process:

A lot of credit repair companies work with one-two creditors and one credit reporting agency at a time. That way their customers continue to pay a monthly subscription/ membership fee for a longer period of time. The average client continues to pay monthly fees to other credit repair agencies for 6-30 months before getting the negative information off their credit report!


Here at the Better Credit Boutique, we contact ALL of your creditors and ALL 3 credit reporting agencies from the start of the process. Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and every collections agencies, charge off, judgement, tax lien, late payment etc will get a dispute letter from the very beginning of the process. We get GREAT results for our clients in 90 days or less. Let us get you THE BEST RESULTS FAST!


Our strategy WORKS quickly because we value our clients time. We help you get the inaccurate, unverifiable, erroneous, outdated and expired negative accounts off your credit report while giving you ways to put positive information on your credit report.







Find us on Instagram and Twitter @ms750fico


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