According to the National Consumer Law Center, the credit reporting agencies rarely have a human being read credit report disputes. Most disputes are scanned by computers and the responses are generated by a computer. Everyday individuals then receive a generic response to their dispute.

This is illegal but very common. The Fair Credit Reporting Act mandates proper investigations into credit report disputes. Consumers know very little about their rights. Therefore, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian get away with reporting inaccurate, unverifiable and obsolete information. This leads to lower credit scores and higher interest rates imposed on Americans.



Many of my friends are turning thirty something. They are thinking of buying a home and working overtime to pay off credit card debt. High interest rates due to bad credit is costing them years to pay off T-shirts and jeans they charged. How can you save money for purchasing a new home when you have credit card debt with high interest to payoff?

You have enough on your plate. Don’t get DENIED YOUR AMERICAN DREAM because the credit reporting agencies are not accurately reporting your financial history. Using our methods and ten years of experience, we ensure that YOUR DISPUTES GET THE RESPECT AND RESULTS YOU DESERVE! Improve your credit scores!

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